How many entries?

I understand that a UK passport holder can only stay a maximum of 183 days per calandar year.

Is this counted in terms of vias issued, i.e only 3 x 60 day visas?

Or could someone come for 5 vists of two weeks each over the year?

Many thanks.

All visitors, irrespective of nationality or origin, are allowed 180 days tourist visa a year. This is not counted in number of visits you make, but in number of days you stay on the island.  You can come for 5 visits or more in a year, provided you stay in total for 180 days or less.

Nadeem, thanks for your quick response. I knew you would come through.

Thanks Bongo Bluck

I'm always there, when I can :-)

Is 180 days also applicable for South Africa's also? Why do they say 90 days then an not 180 days?

180 days applicable for everyone who wishes to stay on the island through a tourist / visitor visa. You will obtain a max of 90 days (South Africa) when you land, but it can be extended to another 90 ... making 180 in total.

The for that.. appreciate it... What do they require if I want to extend it for another 90 days?

During this year 2017 I have been here for like 70 days so far. But not all at one go. I went an came back an forth to S.A... now I want to stay longer...

So you have 110 days left to spend on the island, unless you apply for a residency permit.

Ok gr8.. so I just go to port Louis an extend my visa?

Do you know who can help you with residence/occupation permit?

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