How to make friends In Marrakech

it'a a very simple issue just learn how to be freindly and social and talk to poele go to cinema public save places and you will find a lot of freinds .

A lot of people feel reluctant to make new friends at a certain time of their life, as they involuntarily prefer loneliness to taking risks of meeting the wrong kind of people. Yet, this choice doesn't last very long as the necessity for human warmth and sympathy and to escape from the ghost of depression, most of us give up clutching at the comfortable solitude to seek instinctive ways of meeting new friends most of the times in typical local ways, such as sitting in a café, visiting exhibitions,  or watching a match of football. Yet, for me, i have realized that in my fifties, I must admit that I can't get rid of this laziness that wraps my being and breeds a fake comfort consolidation in my soul making it almost impossible to come out of my shell without a push.. I must confess that I enjoy people's company only that I am inclined to avoid "everybody" "anybody" that lurk round in my island. i sort of realized that I am more attracted to persons from wide spectrum cultural background. Pacifist, peace lover, tolerant, intellectual, artistic , health conscious type... I fear I haven't had the chance to meet my type of friends that share the same interests in the place I have lived in for the last couple of years ... the beautiful city of Marrakech.....

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I'm from Marrakech, and I would love to meet expats and make new frirnds from all cultures and everyone is welcomed

Just tell us what's the obstacle that makes you not make friends here ?

I'm in Marrakech now ... I have two days left and i'm looking for some peoples to spend times

Hello my name is aicha im 21years old im live in Marrakech

I am going to Morocco on the 13 of April....would love to meet a lovely local girl????

Hello aicha how are you?  My name is samy and I am coming to marrkesh on the 13 of April with my friend...would like to meet a lovely girl who can be a good friend and show me around town...

Are you still in marrkesh

Ajaja..this thread is outdated already.

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