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My name is Brandon and I am a graduate student in psychology from Arizona. I will be coming to Mauritius and living in the Pereybere area from June 1 - July 6. I am hoping to find a French teacher during this time who I could practice with for 2-3 hours per day. I have a car. I previously lived in France before and I have beginner level of French (I am able to understand/speak basic things). Please send me a message if you know anyone interested. Thank you!


Hi Brandon,

Try to find someone in the job section where people are offering services.


Will do thanks!

Hello Brandon, I can give you french tuitions. I have experience with non-french speaking people. I am a french teacher.

Hi Nieshta. How can I contact you for French lessons? I need to learn French to improve my communication at work.

Hey there, you can call me on the ***

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Hello everyone,

If you are either looking for classes or proposing one, please refer to the dedicated section of the website : Language classes in Mauritius.

All the best,

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