Employer not giving final exit after resignation

I have resigned from my job with the company here is Riyadh excercizing article (81) of Saudi Labor Law. My employer was insulting hence I submitted immediate resignation under article (81). But employer is not providing me final exit. They are asking me to serve for two years and give them cost of hiring me from my country. I have sent them related clauses that under circumstances I have resigned, I am not required to serve any notice period. Nor company is liable to deduct cost of hiring me from my home country. They are not replying me now nor giving me final exit.

What options can I exercise now. Should I go to ministory of labor or passport office?

Everyone here is scared of time it will take to settle through labor office. It may take up to 2 years.

Is there anyway I can get final exit faster even though if I am banned to return back to KSA I don't have any issue.

Looking forward for your valuable advice.

Amnesty period is going on you can go. Just visit jawajat office and take the more information from there go back your home.

Thank you Mazid Ali for your reply. But just loud thinking. Amensty scheme is only for illegal expats. Does it cover my case??

Amenesty may not apply on your case. The best way to settle the issue with your company directly. Labor office may be an option when dispute  is of sufficient amount (above 20, 25 thoussnds). Otherwise don't waste long trail time for small benefits.

Yes, as per my information it covers both cases illegal and other person who has iqama. I was in Pakistan Legal Affairs department they told that you need letter from Embassy and they will guide you to the airport or deportation center from they separate people with iqama and without iqama, you may go to section for iqama. Its better to go back, there is no humanity here.

brother, I am in same situation...not paid for 4 consecutive months..filed casein labor court but its too much tme consuming...are you sure that people with valid iqama can get final exit? please can you further guide on it to whom should I contact?

You can contact 19911 Labor court ( Ministry of Labor) , they will guied you what to do.

Hello sir. I'm in trouble, I don't have a Aqama because my copil didn't give since 14 months

I have got exit visa from my kafeel and I have got msg from jawazat too. I checked moi and it shows visa status Final but in MOL they show on job. My flight is this week and I have my family and children with me. I m very worried what to do. I have been asking this question since days but no one has yet replied. Please I m really in need of an advice. Should I just go to airport with family.

hello, good evening.. i need help.. my manager dont want me to go exit on march.. my passport will be release on march and my iqama expiration on march.. my contract is finish since september 2017.. what i will do? and to whom i will ask for help?

Assalamu alaikum i am in ksa since 8 months I didnt get my ikama I resign my job due to some problem in family my company accepted they make the process for me in muqeem system is showing my exit has been done I need to get some papers from jawazat or It’s online

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