Moving to Las Terrenas

As I plan to be there for 6 months, was wondering if I should bring my bicycle as a mode of transportation? Any thoughts?

Having a bike never hurts but be VERY careful about riding here as the drivers are nuts and not much respect for the rules of the road


Thanks, I will give it some consideration.

as  A  Avid  Electric  Bicycle  Rider .  And  Been Almost Killed here In Santa Barbara Ca,  And  Have Driven Thur Crazy 3rd World City's .    Please  Wear       A  Super Bright safety Vest / Helmet  With A  Face Guard  And  A Mirror  On Your Glasses ! !  Mirrors  On handlebars &&  LOUD   Horn .. I have 115 db. Air Horn . They  Think  I'm  A Truck...!!  ( $35 Marine West / Refillable  with Your Bike Pump..   (  and GPS Tracker inside Seat Post , alerts your Cell Phone / )    I Have Bad Knees so Pedaling is  Great ; But  A Full  Suspension  Electric   Gives U  Power  to get  AWAY , ie Dogs   and  Survive Big  Potholes ..   Which are Huge..   I Crashed  A Lot  On   Fast Motorcycles , in my  Youth  Now I'm Paying  For  the Sins  of  My  youth..... I  Ride  with Kneepads .....   
  I  ReMain  JoE  on  The  Road >>>

All good advice but riding a bike here no matter what precautions you take is dangerous at best.

Bob K


Thanks, I appreciate your input.

You are welcome and good luck

Bob K

I just returned from 10 days in Las Terrenas, most of that time spent in El Centro.  I only saw a couple of bicycles, and those were being ridden by kids on the sidewalk.  I would spend some time there, seeing the streets and the driving, before deciding if you want to ride around town.

In most places I would not ride a bicycle!

Only thing more dangerous on the road than a moto is a bike.

Bob K

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