Moving to Cambodia

Hi, i'm a 29 years old man, who now desided to give up my life in the west.
I'm just looking for the opertunity to start a new life in cambodia, I've been reading up and down the internet for what I should think abaout and do to prepair my self. And the last thing to do is to contact some locals or Expats to get some kinde of social life going in cambodia. Maybe some of you could help me when I arraive, with getting a place to live, job and so on? and ofc it would be awsome to get to know some people there :)

Hi Lookingforawayout716,

Welcome on board  :)

Till members provide you some information, i suggest you read the Living in Cambodia guide so that you may gather the primary infos.

All the best,

Hi :) thank you.. I'm already looking through the forums now. But still also looking for people to chat with, and hopfully to get to know somebody before I move to cambodia in about 1-1/2 mounth

Hi I'm no expert, I have been living off and on in Phnom Penh for the last year and 1/2 , love it here, always happy to talk about this beautiful place , I'm from California, anytime I would like to help, my first advice because I was in your position , joe Khmer on this site , he's to me the most honest straight shooter, tell it like it is guy, he's been here knows the ropes, any of his post I found to be super informative and spot on,! I on the other hand I am a " rose colored glasses guy" yes I have been called that on this site, I love it here, I have children family in USA so I go back two months at a time, I just returned to Phnom Penh yesterday. But too me I feel at home here . I'm retired 60 but to me this is home, although many people think Phnom Penh is to crazey busy, I love it and hope not to leave! I do feel I know Phnom Penh, but once again Khmer joe knows Southeast Asia, so would love to meet with you if you decide Phnom Penh! Good luck , adventurous people like you is fantastic, if it doesn't work out it will still change your life, Cambodia has a way of doing that , once again good luck!!

Hello man from Denmark :)

Of course there are expats that can help you and they will.

But you are still in the preparing phase, you have not stated where you want to live, if you plan to get a job, and so on. What I'm trying to say is that once you finish your preparations, know where you will start your Cambo life, people will jump in to help you and give advice.

Apart from this forum with many interesting threads there is a website that gives info on "things to do and don't", it's

Good luck!

PS Twinsguy thanks for compliments :)

Wow Thank you. I will take your tip and look around the forum👍 I've Talked about moving to cambodia for like 1 year now. And have been reading about everything i could fine online now 🙂 Now i frem like i got to much information. So i have deside to just move there in about 3-4 weeks and take it day by day. Just to se what i want to do. Bit would be Nice to have some people to talk to and Ask for tips If i need.
And maybe the scary feeling of going to a country on the other side of the earth alone would be easyer 👍

Good idea, just get started and learn by doing.
Don't be afraid, it's not scary, just stay on the right path, don't let people help you with things you can do yourself, like taking your passport, taking your suitcase. Do everything yourself and as you are well prepared nothing scary will show up. Book a hotel or guesthouse in advance so you can tell the tuktuk or taxi driver where to go.

Just to start: get a Ordinary visa at the airport, not the tourist visa. It's $5 more ($35) but can easily be extended (within one month) for whatever period you want, up to one year. After that again and again.
Don't forget a photo for the visa.

Good luck and if any question once you arrive, post it here, enough guys to help you.

Well i do have one question. I know that diffrent countrys has diffrent Laws  about how much cash you can enter the country with. Like norway (where i'm from) you can't bring more than 1200usd cash. Are there any problema bringing cash to cambodia?

Over $10,000 you have to declare it, in case you want to take it out again.
Under that no restrictions, but I advise you to not take too much cash with you, it can only be stolen. Leave it in your bank account, open a Cambodian bank account as soon as you have a fixed address and use the hundreds of atms to get money (USD).

Ok. But If i'm not going to travel out of cambodia again I don't need to declar them is that so?  The reason i'm asking is that i got some cash from selling stuff. And the day i'm leaving il Also sell my CAR. The problem is that it's on a sunday so the bank is closed🙂

It's only declaring that you bring in more than $10,000, no need to pay anything, it's just an administrative thing.
In short, there are no restrictions to what amount of currency you bring in.
Just declare it if more than $10K.

I don't think you will go without anyone to talk to over here in fact you can't get anything done for people wanting to know everything about you, as for work if you are presentable and well spoken the Cambodians love you, if I can be of any assistance in any field please don't hesitate to ask....


Well thank you :)

Can't waite to move:)
I'm realy looking forward to meet up with all the people !
Just a few weeks left now :)

Beautiful country with wonderful people !

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