New to La Coruna Spain

Hi, my names Paul and I sailed into La Coruna Spain in April 2017.  I have decided to stay here and want to meet people in the area.
I am from Blackpool UK and have lived in Southampton UK for the last 10years.
It would be great to hear from anyone who would be interested in socialising and exploring Galicia.

Hi Paul.
My name is Angie and funnily enough I come from Southampton. But what is even more of a coincidence,  I've been studying the north of Spain, particularly the Coruña area.
I'm thinking of buying a place there as I quite like the climate. I've spent 9 years in the Alicante region but find the summers there far too hot these days. I have my apartment on the market and have seen a lovely bungalow in a place called Boimorto,  but am wondering if it is a bit too remote there in the Galician forest.
I wonder if you know much about that area. Would love to hear from you.
And I hope all is good there for you.

Kind regards Angie Potts.

Paul, how did you sail into La Coruna? Your own yacht?

My wife and I are sailors as well and we live in southern Galicia near A Guarda.


Hi Paul,your surname sounds more Dutch or Danish,where are your roots?
Angie, Boimorto,is a bit remote,but you are also very near Santiago or Courña for the more important things  you may need.I assume you speak Spanish because village folk may  not speak so much English.
But why have have you chosen this area and this property? There are a lot on the market. Take your time and choose!

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