Blue Background Passport Photo

Hello. I'm looking to move to Qatar soon and have been told I need a few passport photos with a blue background. I am having trouble finding anyone who can do this as white is the standard background here. Is there anyone out there who had this same experience and if so, where were you able to get your photos? I've even tried some online options without much luck. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

Is it too late for the reply? welll !!!!!  Even i am asked to bring 18pcs of passport size photo by my employer while entering qatar. All i did is , took a blue color cloth piece with me while going to the photo studio and used it as the background . Or in your case they can use photoshop and change the background but i was told to keep the editing to minimal so i used this idea. Let me know if it helps.

you don't need that on your passport,  but on your ID and you could do that while in Qatar

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