Driving license

Dear all,

I've an European Driving Licence. How can I change it in order to have a fully valid licence to drive in Bahrain?
Thank you

You should go to Driving School in Isa Town, they will check your license and will give you the bahraini one for 20BD


Yes as Haseeb91 mentioned, you will have to visit Traffic school and get it done, in the below mentioned post some members have shared their experience


Btw i passed my license here in Bahrain, then i went back to France, i converted to French one, they took my bahraini license, i don't know if i have to pay again for 20bd here .... anyways i can drive with french one too, but it's better to have bahraini one too

Hello Haseeb91 and logicalindian, thank you both for your feedback.
When in Bahrain, do I have to take classes or the Driving School simply "converts" my Driving License into a Bahraini one, after I pay 20BD?

No you dont have to take any classes, it will be converted to a Bahraini one.


Thank you  :)

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