Trying to divorce a Dominican wife

I'm seeking advice from experience.

Welcome to the forum and rather than seeking advice from a public board you should be talking to a Dominican Lawyer. 
Advice from a forum.... hang on to your wallet :D

Bob K

Welcome to the forum!. Bob is right you need a lawyer.  What part of the country are you in?

There will be lots of horror stories. Each situation is different so please take it all with a grain of salt.

Get a good lawyer.

Hey there Release me. Planner and Bob are offering sound advice to get a lawyer. But may I ask why? Anything you can work out? I met an absolutely wonderful woman in the Dominican Republic came from a great family and the apple did not fall from the tree. But before her I met a complete liar, user, manipulator and there are plenty of those just like there are anywhere else in the world. But if you have a good one think hard about it.

Or, just walk away from it; easier and cheaper.

Dear sir,

We highly recommend a Dominican/USA lawyer, she deals with fast track divorces and mutual/contested in the Dominican Republic, she speaks perfect English. Here is her email address:  Attorney M. Rosario:  r***

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Thank you for the recommendation. Can I have her complete email add or phone number maybe? Hope to hear from you soon.

The poster was a first time so the recomme dation was removed. They need to consult our business directory.

I can suggest Wilson Rood wilsonrood[at]  he is in Santo Domingo, straight up and fully bi lingual!

Thanks for the recommendation! Until now no progress yet in my papers it's almost 2 years since I filed the case.

Did you get a lawyer?

Old thread?  Re opened? If so PM me for referral. I used him for my divorce, excellent results & very fair priced.

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