Looking for English speaker

Hello everybody.
Is there any English speaker available whom I can practice my English with. It's urgent


Hello Saira,

you need a native speaker? and in which city you are?


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Hi There,

I am a native English speaker from Sri Lanka. i am happy to teach you English and i reside in Riyadh. Message me if you are interested.



yes I am looking for native english speakr. any body there??

i am good at grammer and writing but having problem in speaking. i am looking for someone whom i can practice my speaking with.

assalamo aliekum
i would love to give u company when i am free😁
i believe i can speak english well

u just need to have confidence
talk to yourself often in mind or aloud while doing chores etc
try to increase your vocablary learn new words
lack of words to express yourself can be the reason as well

I can give u acompany and I am very good in English. Also I can give suggestions to develop english skills.



Yes. id love to help you. inbox me your details and we can get in touch

RushT i can't send you msg.  U have disabled private msging

Hi. I'm Canadian and have no significant accent if you are interested

can u help me out also

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