Taunggi, Myanmar

Hi Everyone:

I am considering taking a position Taunggi, Myanmar but am having a challenging time finding out a lot of things about it. Can you please help me?

My package offers accommodations, what is the cost of food/ living for a month?
Are there any expat communities there?
What are some of your favourite places to explore?
What is the public transit like? If any?

If you think of anything else that I missed, please add it. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Taunggyi is good weather for you. It is very good place to live in Taunggyi. This city is build on the big mountain.

Hi, I've also been offered a position in Taunggyi. Did you  find any info?

Hi kpovee,
Taungyi is quite small actually and do not have many expats...
Not many places to hang out, not many  restaurant or cafes,
However it is close to Inle lake which is a nice tourist destination,
And climate in Taungyi is much better than other cities, as it is less hot compared to other regions,
and no air pollution..
As the only cafes and restaurants you will find will be local ones, it is not that expensive and i think you will be off by 700 $/ month for a basic living if accommodation provided..,Yangon will cost you twice.

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