Prospect for Maths Educators in London

Hello. I currently live in Mauritius. I got an undergraduate degree in Maths with Finance from the University of Mauritius in 2016. I wish to move to London, England.

And my main concern is about job prospects in London. With an undergraduate degree in Maths with Finance, I have the choice between teaching or entering the financial industry. However, my first chice is to  become a maths teacher.

Can you please advise me
1) about the job prospects for maths teachers in London, considering that I am a Mauritian with  a non-UK undergraduate degree and no experience.
2) if there are any more courses to be taken prior to becoming a maths teacher as per UK regulations. 

Thank you.

Hi K Sam and welcome to the Forum.

Ordinarily, I'd refer you to our Handy Tools section at the top of this page, but it doesn't really help someone in your rather unique position.  I'd still ask you to read though it and links within, as it may give you a flavour for what you're contemplating.

The UK has placed a restriction on non-EU nationals coming to work in the UK - the restriction does however permit people with specific skills to enter and work here; further, there are secondary education teaching professionals (Maths) on the list.  You can access the list by following this link.  The list itself is of no further use to you in getting a job though, it only confirms you are one of those who may be able to get in because you have a desired skill.

How this works is that you have to find a job where your employer is willing to sponsor your move to the UK and pay you above a specific sum of money (I don't know how much).

To find a job, I'd advise you to use Google, there are many web-sites working to find jobs for teachers.  I'd use that and then start contacting the agencies to see what response you get.

Please come back to us if you have any further specific questions.

I hope this has helped and wish you the best of luck in your journey. :)

Hi Cynic,

You've provided me with very valuable information. Thank you very much.

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