What is 'window casing' in Bulgarian?


I wish to find out what 'window casing' is in Bulgarian? The decorative boards around the window.


You might try with Декоративни профили за прозориц    I haven't found another word for them... although some of the decorative profiles are also called корниз (like cornice)  although I think that only applies to the ones that go around the top and bottom corners of a room.

"дограма" / "dograma"

we use it both for windows and for doors

@kojidae Thank you, unfortunately I was not able to find any window casing by those search terms.

@kristiann Thank you as well, but that term didn't give me any results either.

When I searched for 'первази прозорци' however I was able to locate one shop that sells PVC window casings, I believe. But the shop is not located in Sofia.

рамки за прозорици


That last one 'рамки за прозорици' will only give me exterior frames, and I also tried to add 'интериор' to the sentence but then I mostly just came up with photo frames made from windows.

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