How is it like out there in finding job in Oslo ?

Hello.I Am kaleab.Ethiopian citizen.I was totally confused on diffrent kind of informations Am getting on the whole life in norway.I was coming there on a working visa and peoples are telling me that it is difficult and others tell me its the place to in europe.....etc.Can anyone please tell me how is it like out there in finding job in oslo.I mean any kind of job.Waiting for ur answers.

Hi Kaleabzerihun36,

Welcome on board  :)

You would easily get some feedback if you provide some information about the job you are looking for or your qualifications/field of work ?

Do you have  knowledge of the Norwegian language, spoken and written ?

All the best,

I am Just a highschool graduate.I am available for any kind of job.I mean any.I Am currently located in china.I Am coming in the coming month.I have No clue about thier language.

You can't come working if you don't have already a job contract...

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