Huroob and transit visa

Hi urgent question

I left Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) in June 2016 and did not return due to a family crises. I do not have any criminal record or unpaid bills but left on an exit/re entry visa so my iqama status is on huroob. I am now living in Qatar and planning to enter Saudi via the Qatar border for 3 days on a transit visa.My question is will i encounter any problems at the border, could i be detained or fined if i have a huroob status.

An urgent response will be highly appreciated

Check your Iqama expiry date. If its still valid, chances are less to fetch you a transit visa.
Else you woud'nt be facing any problems as such.

Iqama expired last year September but dunno if sponsor re newed it.Is transit ,umrah and Hajj visas separate from work visa

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