How long did it take you to receive your working holiday visa?

I'm slowly getting more and more worried that I will not receive my working holiday visa.
I leave to Europe in a month and am set to arrive in Denmark in 2 months. I did my visa interview 3 weeks ago and have yet to hear anything from anyone about weather or not I have been granted the visa.

Was wondering how long it took to get yours so I can breath , or - be more worried


If you got a contract on a job in Denmark it should not be any problems getting a visa or citisenship in Denmark. You just need a kind of signature of your employer that you are here to start a job.

As you come from NZ, it should only be a matter of time.

Due to this page, the maximum waiting time is three months. … -goals.htm

What about get in touch with the Danish Embassy? Or try writing Siri: … /email.htm

I am not sure that they will answer you because they'll use secured connections, but try however. Else the only possibility is to call them.

Let us know if you succeed in getting an answer from the authorities.


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