setting up pharmacy , import export company in nepal

dear all ,
i am simranjit singh Gandhi from from a renowned pharmaceutical trading company in new delhi , india. i am looking forward to open a pharmacy dealing in import and export of pharmaceutical products from nepal. i need help with advisory for setting up the business.

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Mr. Ghandi, as you are from a renowned pharmaceutical trading company in New Delhi so close to Kathmandu/Nepal, surely financing cannot be a problem, as it would be for most of the people I know - who in virtue of their being neither indian or nepalese - have no access to local financing and no equal rights in that specific area. Disadvantaged would be the word.
Turning to the advisory, the best advice I can give you is of course that you get yourself a really good lawyer, who can assist with all the formalities of how to best proceed, cut through the red tape of registration etc. I strongly recommend that you hire a lawyer well versed in that specialty field and more specifically one with long experience in the pharmaceutical field. But here again, as you are privileged to be associated with a renowned pharmaceutical firm in India, surely their legal department can suggest the name of a correspondent counsel firm in Kathmandu.
All I know from 20 years experience in Nepal is that doing business there is not easy and my definite impression is that there is lots of competition, with pharmacies around every corner in the major cities of Nepal. As you know, most of the medicine sold in those pharmacies are made in India and imported into Nepal.
I wish you every measure of success.

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