Born Again Christian church in Singapore? Near Novena. Any?

Hi, hoping I could find a church here to attend.
In the Philippines I'm in the Music Ministry, praising God in various instruments and singing. :D

Hope you guys can help me. :D

hi Dhiyaren!

Hope you receive positive responses from like-minded forum members!

Best of luck to you!

Thanks Haf! :D

Ah. What do they call that church? So I can google it.
Thanks by the way.

Hy there!There's an Every Nation Church in Singapore.It's right there in Vivo City.You could easily google the net for more information!!God keep you!

Thanks to that suggestion. I'll look on to that. :D
I know there's more suggestion.

Hi...hello...nakahanap ka na ba ng church mo dito sa singapore...if not yet you can come with us sa hope church singapore...just message me here kung interested ka...usher po kita...

Hi zaldy, could you please write only in English!;)


Dear Friend s

May the lord bless you abundantly and fill full your needs

in the name of Jesus.


praise the lord am happy to send you my greetings

what is the name of your church?

please write any thing about catholicsl.

Hi my GF and I were looking for a born again church to attend here in singapore. Can you help me?

By the way my hp is [Moderated: Please do not share any phone number on the forum] for those who are interested to help :)

I'd recommend Hope Church in Lavender.

Hi, we have there in Singapore.. Church of Singapore Bukit Timah.. our outreach from Church of God World Mission.. I'm base in Mactan, Cebu..

Hi There! I am a Christian in Singapore, female and been living here since 2005. I wonder if you already found what you are looking for....please keep in touch at my email, *****************

Hope to see and be with you in our church - Hope Church Singapore!

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Hello can help me find a Pentecostal church near Orchard here in Singapore pls.
Or any other sec of Born Again Christian church that I can go?

What the name of your church I want to go church but I dont know the place here in Singapore because im fresh only to live here in Singapore

Google it. Is it that difficult to find a church here?

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