Hungarian citizen entering Hungary with foreign passport


I'm here again for advice. I recently got my Hungarian citizenship. I would like to travel soon but using my foreign passport instead of getting a Hungarian one.

Will there be any problem when I enter Hungary? Or it would suffice to just show a Hungarian ID  at the immigration?

Btw, with current passport I don't need to apply for visa to Hungary (if I'm not a citizen that is)

Thank you all in advance.

We don't know your method of transport.

I don't know in Hungary but I can relate something from elsewhere (UK).  The principle there is that nationals entering their country of citizenship are not subject to immigration controls since they are by definition not immigrants.  It's one of those odd things: showing the passport is to determine you are not subject to immigration controls.

BUT having said the above,  you should be  aware, it's now compulsory to scan passports:

See here: Compulsory Scan of Passport at EU external Borders from 1st April

I recently travelled outside the EU by plane via Brussels and the queues at passports were long (I queued 45 mins).

Hi Fluffy,

Thankyou for the reply.  I will try this and hopefully it will go smoothly.

I'm not a citizen, but I have Hungarian residence permit. Whenever I return to Hungary — or to Schengen Area in general — I always show my foreign passport (which doesn't have a visa to Hungary or any other Schengen state) and a Hungarian permit. Never had any troubles.

Thank you Migmit. :) I know for a resident it's like that. I just thought it compulsory to obtain and use  Hungarian passport if you are  a Hungarian citizen.

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