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Hi everyone,
     I work and live in oman I got pregnant after my vacation coudnt leave my job as I was newly renewed my visa I decided to give birth here in oman . My question is im a able to give visa for my son ? Even do his father is not here in muscat ? I need your help pls . And advice of what im going to do


Hi luige27,

By law, only the father is entitled to be the sponsor of his children, not the mother, except for certain instances like in the case of a widow, divorced single mother etc.

Since your husband is not in the country, and as you would like to continue on with your employment, you must speak to your employer / sponsor about the possibility of providing your child with a dependent visa on yours.

Thanks for the advice sumitran  :) my boss is willing to give a dependent visa for my son but I was wondering why our pro keep on saying that the rop is not giving visa to my son even do he was born here and I already register him and he have all the supporting document he needs. Another question how long it takes to process the visa

Hi luige27,

The reason your PRO is saying what he is saying is only because he knows the rules of the land.

No expatriate child gets a local citizenship automatically, simply because the child is born in the Sultanate.

I am not sure as to what you mean by "I already register him and he have all the supporting document he needs."

For a child to be registered officially, both the father and the monther's local visas should be valid along with their valid resident cards.

Please speak with your PRO and get all these details clarified well in advance.

Also, there are also some very informative posts here in this forum which would provide you with added useful and essential information.

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