Nairobi, apartment for three weeks in june.


I'm looking for a Fully furnished rented apartment in Nairobi, close to the center.
I need apartment for three weeks from 12.6 to 1.7
If you have an apartment available, please leave me a message, thank you


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Try this site.  There are quite a few available. … irobi.html

Otherwise, you could look at Airbnb, possibly.


There is a two bedroom furnished apartment in South C, off Mombasa road if interested.


I was replying to the post. Is the post in the wrong place? I am staying at an airbnb that happens to have room available to share, but is in Karen, not the center. How do we give the information on the place if not allowed a link?

have place available in Karen, but not Nairobi if interested. Otherwise, check homeaway or airbnb. GretchenArt.

You can advertise in the housing section, maybe?

Im not looking for anyone, I was just responding to the ad that I had space if she wanted in Karen, not Nairobi! But she wants center anyway so moot point I guess. Just don't understand a post about housing here is OK but an answer to it not ok. Gretchen

I didn't see your post before it was moderated, but if you included contact details, it would have been moderated for that reason...........your own protection amongst other things.

Also, the rules are that there should be no advertising on the forum, but people do it anyway!

Hi everyone,

@ Gretchenart, well no, a post about housing here is not ok, we only left it on the forum so that the member could get some advice (not offers).
If you don't wish to drop an advert in the housing section, you may send a private message to the initiator, click on the member's profile > Send a message.

@ Tomi, please drop an advert in the proper section : Housing in Nairobi. You will get offers directly.

All the best,

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