Hello Everyone!

My wife and I are avid travelers and sun seekers and are looking into buying an apartment in Cabarete. We have been looking for awhile now in various location around the world for a place we can call home during our rainy Vancouver months. We are both avid kiteboarders and just recently my wife took a trip to Cabarete. She had a great time and I will go there shortly to see if I feel the same. In the mean time we are researching possibilities in purchasing a place in Cabarete. We are not worried about renting the place all the time. This is a long-term project for us.

Thanks for all the advice!

Welcome to the forums. For kitesurfing you are looking at the right place!!!!

Welcome and yes you picked the right spot.  We had a condo there for many years that we sold two years ago.  If you PM me if you want I do have 2 or 3 friends looking to sell their condos and would love a private sale.

Bob K

Thank you all!

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