Cost of living in Gibraltar ?


First of all I apologise if I repeat same things, but I 'm trying to gather some information with the most recent data.

I'm originally from Greece but the last two years I've been living in UK - England. I'm seing every now and then some job roles on online game industry based in Gibraltar and I'd like to ask a few questions if possible about living in there.

- My main question has to do with the cost of living. Could you give me a rough estimate which would be the minimum and which would be the ideal salary in order to live in Gibraltar? How much would it cost to rent a studio or a 1-bed flat appartement? Are any bills included in the rent? Are the prices for renting same in the city center and in the suburbs?

- About the monthly cost for using public transportation (bus)?

- Cost about food?

- Does this place offer a variety of activities you can do on your free time?

As a side note to give some further information why am I asking all these:
If I decide to relocate (and since I'm a single), ideally I'd be interested to rent a studio or a 1-bed appartement and try to avoid house-sharing (assuming that the salary is fine of course)

My monthly costs in England (except from the rent and any bills) is the public transportation (bus - oyster card) and whatever food I buy from supermarket to cook.

I'd like to thank you in advance, any feedback would be really appreciated :-)

Hi Lykos

I will answer where I can

Buses are free to residents

Food costs very similar to UK I believe but possibly a fraction higher, I have not purchased food in UK for over 40 years.  :)

Plenty of activities and lots of good weather.

Renting, check out :-

Why not take a short break and come and have a look?


And if you live in Gibraltar you don't need a bus, nearly everywhere you can get by foot.
But you have to be prepared that the apartment here means at least 1000 pounds. That's why many people live in Spain and commute to work in Gib.

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