Need urgent help on confirming legitimacy of job offers.

Hello, everyone. In the last couple of days my father has received two different job offer letters from different companies in Abu Dhabi. The letters contain usual information regarding his employment, such as the details of the provided benefits, the monthly salary, and the duration of contract; and all other details such as P.O. Box number, email address, phone number, along with the ministry of labor stamp.

However, we are currently concerned about the legitimacy of these appointment letters, and we're trying to figure out a way to confirm whether they're fake or not.
Among the things that raised our suspicion is the fact that according to the letters, the employee (my father) is supposed to "reimburse fully all travel costs and expenses". This also refers to the work permit fee (we are currently in Riyadh).

My friend suggested that I should email the job application to MOL Abu Dhabi for verification, but they never replied back.

Could someone please suggest a better way to approach this situation, in order to clearly verify how legit these offers are, eliminating any doubts? Any help is greatly appreciated.

1. Did your father applied for these jobs?
2. Why you don't check directly with the companies offered jobs.
3. Check the domain of emails , if job offer is via email.
4. Ask any relative to check the companies in Abu Dhabi
5. If job is through the contractor check with them.
6. I don't know why you are confuse.  :cool:

I'm confused because the letter was clearly constructed with a lot of effort, regardless of how fake it might be. My father applied to these jobs himself, and the email domain isn't gmail. I have no relatives in Abu Dhabi.

1. Why you don't check directly with the companies offered jobs.
2. If job is through the contractor check with them.
3. Your father received job offer by emails or by post? :unsure

I've tried the company's official site, but I can't come across the jobs offered...
The offers were received through mail. The contractor is reachable, but his phone number isn't listed anywhere on the official website, so he might be bullshi**ing us for all we know.

The email address on the official website is not seen on the offer, so I left them a message for their assistance.

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