Americans possibly moving to Barcelona

Hi everyone.  My wife and I are going to move from the US to Europe in the next 1-2 years.   We have narrowed it down to Lisbon and Barcelona.  We really like both places a lot.    While Barca is much more touristy than Lisbon, its location is much more convenient to travel to the rest of Europe.   

I am wondering how other people have felt about moving to Barca if you don't speak Spanish?   We plan on learning, but at first, we will be relying on English.  In Lisbon, English seems much more common.   Also, I have heard about there being some changes where Barcelona is "forcing" expats to purchase apartments a bit further out of the city.   Is that true?   

I appreciate any feedback.



THe problem is you need a visa, and to have a visa, you must find a job before to come... And with the high rate of unemployment and the none-management of Spanish language...

Actually, we will be retired and will NOT be working.   Also, we will be participating in the Golden Visa program, so we will have temporary residency.

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