my danish car Import to malta and then Exporting it home agin

Help ... I and my car arrived at malta date 08/04 / 2017. I drove it here on Danish import plates. It is a Danish car with Danish registration tax on. In case that i will go back to danmark with my car. What should I do now? Car is in my maltaise carage. And it's only until I receive a yes from the tm center. For I have made an application for exemption from registration tax of a vehicle brougth into malta upon transfer of residence. I have owned it for 11 years.
I drove on 4 hours permission from TM center to VRT inspection The VRT man said no to Make a inspection on the car. VRT man said i should drive directly to the TM inspection and get the TM inspection man to say yes to my wide bodt kit and my wide wheels. Inspection man just no... he
Did not looking at my Paper for the approval on the costum built. I had fortunate not order an inspection on the car. I told him that the VRT man has sent me to him. He did not check the frame number. He just said. No no. to give the VRT man a OK for my modification on my car. I then I drove it home i the maltiese garage agin. what do I do? Because I would like to sent it back my car to Denmark.
I have just got the letter for st luke,s hospital.. my health certification the date 27/4/2017 I got it in mailboks. Have not been to id office with my papir yet to get my id card made. I do not want to get settled here in the country. After my experience and because I can not have my car on the street with Maltese license plates. Can I ship my car home to danmark. I have a ticket to go with A Ro Ro ship for next week. From valletta to denmark via salerno.
What should I do! Go to TM center and say that I do not want to become permanent residents here because of the fact that it is not possible to get malties road plates on my car. Because of my modificaions on my car. And that I will sent it back home agin.  Because of it.
Should I say to them that they can delete my Appilcation for Exemption from registration tax of a vehicle brought into malta upon transfer of residence.
Am I tourist and can just ship it home without problems. I do not know what is best to do. For do not want to stand at the ship terminal and not be allowed to send it home..  help help go get my car home
Tm center I most not like.
I have the mobilenumber to The Financing man of malta. It was also him the gav me green ligth to go seek the Applikation for transfer of my car. Knowing the i have not complet my
Performed the percentage of my ID card....
Yours sincerely

Lenny its a mine field, ive just re registered my car from UK plates to Malta ones.  Its taken from February   but ive moved here can get a 30 day road tax at Malta transport 20 euros,  that should give you some time and you can drive your car, ( as long as your insured?) good luck

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