Looking for work in Toulouse

Hello! I'm from the UK. I moved to Toulouse on Monday to work as an au pair. I have some time between 9 am and 3.30pm and I'm looking for supplementary income. My French level is A2, I begin B1 lessons next week.

Is anyone offering a job? Or can anyone advise where to look?

Many thanks in advance!

Hello, A2 level is too low to find a job. Maybe for clenaing but its above all early morning or late evening...

Thanks for the quick response Steffifi.

I've applied for teaching roles (2 years experience) and waitressing roles at English teahouses.

Hopefully something will pop up!

Oh yes, I d'idn't think about teaching :) So, hope that will be ok :)


If you're interested, I'm looking for someone from September 2017. Will you still be in Toulouse and available the wednesdays (mostly the pms)?
If interested, please, send me a message directly on my email address: **


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Hi dSonlran,

I am in a very similar situation as you. I'm moving to Toulouse in September and have job for Wednesdays and some other days after 3.30 but am also looking for another small part time job to supplement my income (with only fairly basic French at this point).

Did you have any suggestions or success in your job search? I have been mostly looking at teaching type jobs but hadn't considered the tea room idea (although I'm English and have previous work experience in cafes).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)


Hello !
Are you still looking for a job ?
Because we are looking for an English Assistant for kids under 7...
Do not hesitate !

Hi, thanks for your response. I have found a job now.

Que tal? de que conseguiste trabajo ?


You are on English forum, please to write in this language.

Thanks :)

Hahaha, sorry, didnt think. What kind of job did you find?

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