what are ways of obtaining temporary resident permit of Uruguay

Hi, I am Bhushan patil from India. I am stock market investor in India. and I am deciding to come Uruguay for to settle over there permanently. I want temporary resident permit of Uruguay, So I wanna ask you questions before heading to Uruguay:
1. Can I get temporary resident permit of Uruguay on the basis of Low wage job?
2. You have given that minimum fixed income must be $1500 for person to obtain resident permit of Uruguay, so I wanna ask you that
Can I show my income through the job in Uruguay to get temporary residency visa?
3. Minimum how much money I will have to invest in real estate to get temporary resident permit or visa in Uruguay?
4. If I buy real estate in Montevideo for myself so do I have chances to get temporary resident visa of Uruguay?
5. what are other ways to obtain temporary residence visa or permit of Uruguay?
please somebody tell me...........

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