living together but not wanting marriage or "legal: relationship

What are the results of a man and woman living together in Brasil but one person does not want to be "LEGALLY" obligated?

NO joint bank account.

No wedding at church

No civil wedding.

Just living together as friends and to save on living costs.

Should we have a written contract signed at the notary that we are NOT married?

Have a great day.

John from Macae.

Surely  you   not have  to do  anything.  It will  be just  be seen  like a house  share.   But if  you  are  a foreigner  and wanting  to  live  here  permanently  this is where  it get  tricky.  If can get a Viper  via work etc then  good.  But  if the only  way possible  is  civil  etc then  i just  do not know.

It's simple "Your Just Room mates" that's how I look at it, it maybe best have a document stating just living and sharing to save on cost and there should be a level of trust????. If you think it could lead to a common law thing of two people living together then by all means draw up a simple contract on sharing. That's my Story and I'm Sticking to it. Good luck.

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