My records are erased on Lmra site

Dear all,
I left Bahrain without notifying my employer. I didn't get stamp "cancelled" on my visa while I was leaving. Few days after I left Bahrain, I checked on Lmra site and typed my CPR number and my passport number but I found out that the records don't exist in the system.. It was written like that "records don't exist in the system".. Does this mean that my records are moved to black list and if they are, for how long it will be on black list.. Cause I wanna come back to Bahrain.. I got to love that country.. Unfortunately my employer didn't deliver the promises regarding work conditions so I had to leave.. But in future if I get good offer I would like to come back.. I felt Bahrain like second home.. Your insights on this will be highly appreciated.. Am I on black list or not? How can I check to make sure?


Unfortunately the black list may be permanent unless the case is withdrawn by your previous employer, you could check on below mentioned link, having said that sometimes the records may not been updated, the only way to know would be to apply for a visa and if it gets rejected you will know the reason why. … BIS9nQSEh/


Thank you very much for your reply

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