Filming in Puerto Rico

Hey everybody, anyone ever shoot an American film in Puerto Rico? I'm a young filmmaker and will be filming an independent feature film in PR soon. The film takes place in Baltimore and I'm looking for urban filming locations that can double for the low-income housing projects of the northeast, basically mid-century 3-story apartment complexes, single story houses, rundown shops, etc.

PR has a website for their film commission with pics of filming locations, but all the photos are of nice areas such as beaches, colonial towns, etc. and they don't really post pics of rundown areas which is what I'm looking for.

I know it will be very difficult to find places in PR that can double for Baltimore but being an indie filmmaker I must make use of what I can get and currently there are great incentives for filming in PR which substantially increase our budget.

Any advice/help appreciated!! THANKS!!

There is quite an active film industry in PR and yes, there are places (in San Juan particularly) where you will find areas reminiscent of Batimore tenements and housing projects.

I suggest you take a trip down and just cruise around. There are several casting agencies there with many locals (especially "white-looking" locals and expats) in demand as extras for productions  having "settings" in the States.

Thanks lgustaf! Know of any particular areas in San Juan? Names of neighborhoods/streets I can look up?

Not really. And by San Juan, i mean the metro San Juan area. There are little pockets of areas all over, but I did see several communities near the airport that reminded me of mid-century, inner-city "projects".

Ooh, that's a tough one. If I were you I would contact the Puerto Rico Historic Buildings Drawings Society.

Maybe it is me, but I lived for about 4 years in the Baltimore area and I could not associate the architecture in PR with Baltimore. Commercial abandoned buildings could pass but a Spanish house or a regular concrete or even wooden house in my book has little resemblance to Baltimore.

:D Public housing may pass if you can dodge the bullets while filming.


Good luck with your project.

I was part of a crew that filmed in Puerto Rico on a number of occasions. In fact, that's how I met my Puerto Rican girlfriend about 13 years ago.

PR is accommodating to film makers with good tax breaks. You may want to try the municipality of Caguas. They also have info for filmmakers on their website.

And if you need a video editor let me know. I need the work!

Good luck!

If you need some aerials let me know (I'm an aerial videographer and own ). One location that may work for you is near The Mall of San Juan.

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When will you be in Puerto Rico?  I have some locations in mind, but I am immobile right now. In a couple of weeks I could take some photos to give you an idea.  These places  are not in San Juan.  PM me your contact information. Do you need some inside locations? I will be available to help (volunteer) in the month of June up to mid-July.  if you need information sooner, I will recruit someone to help me.

Santurce in San Juan one block off Ponce de Leon right around the Wal-Mart

jess are you and brunododes working together on the same project? I drive past that area almost every day (it's between my apt in condado and the natatorium). that's a good spot to look like baltimore. let me know if you want me to take some pics and send them

No, but my boyfriend works in OSJ( he had some famous guests confirming)  and there are a bunch of big budget projects this summer filming across the island.
I am not in the film industry just to be clear.

Thank you all for the helpful info! Was on location on another project but now back preparing for this shoot and gearing up for a scouting trip to PR in a few weeks. We hope to film in September if all goes well.

Thanks! Will contact if we end up doing any post in PR!

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