International Schools in Phu Quoc

Hello, can someone tell me if there are international primary schools?

Hello, try

This is a bit useless as only lists schools in HCMC. Does not allow filters.

i dont think that there s international school in Phu Quoc, maybe in the next few years. Because Phu Quoc has been become specific economics zone since 1.1.2018. until now just Hotel sectors s developing. But infrustructure n education with international standards r still open questions. there s maybe not enough qualified people esp. in education sector with higher standards. In my point of view, it ll take a little time to settle everything.

I am sure you are right. But website pretends to give information, but just carries advertising. Should  just say 'No International School' in Phu Quoc, like you did.

i googled "international school" in VNese. there was no match. But there s a international hospital, Vinmec Hospital.


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