How i can find English Speaking Job

Hi All,

I hope all of you are doing awesome. I am new in Italy. I came from UK. I am Fluent in English speaking.

Can anyone help me out that how and where i can find a job as a English speaker.

I will be very thankful for that.


It will be very difficult, and for several reasons. 99% of English-speaking job in Italy are in  big cities where are some international companies (Roma, Milano, Torino, maybe Firenze), also, it depends too what area you are looking for in. Because except jobs in international companies or as Engineer or scientist, it's almost impossible, and the last, but not least, I see you live in Trentino-Alto-Adige. If you live in Trentino (Trento), you will have a lot difficult to find an English-job. Trento is a good international University with English language studies, but level work... If you live in Alto-Adige, the main language is German...

So il all cases, even if you find a job requiring English, you will have to speak Italian and/or German with a very good level...

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Ciao ,please am an English speaker and looking for a job. Please contact me if you come across any job requiring my services. Thanks

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