Moving to Ireland

Hi, any advice on how to get legal employemnt in Ireland, i am from South Africa.

check out the irish immigration website

I am looking at retiring to Ireland from Australia,  Why? you ask.. well, my surname is O'Reilly so there's a clue...

Hi mr O'reilly

Now I have only one question. Why would you want to retire to a country with the winters nearly 10 months long and summer sun one of the great wonders of ireland. Most irish people wish to retire in spain, italy or some close by neighbouring country with at least much more gauranteed summer weather. I can only think you might actually enjoy wet, wintery climates to the dry sunny weather down under.


Having grown up in the sun with fair skin I want a cooler and shadier climate

Hi I am South African lady wanting a job in Ireland. Need help please with finding a job.

Hi bridgette
what type of work are you looking for? lets say what qualifications do you have to offer. You might need to check out the irish websites for immigration.

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