Looking for a room in sliema

Hello everybody !!

My name is Sami Badaoui, I came from France and I'm studying safety in an engineering school. During this summer I'm gonna do an internship in Sliema between the 9th of July and the 12th of September.
Obviously, I looking for a room during this time but i don't found something not expensive. My budget is 550 euros per months but it will be amazing if I can found something cheaper.

I neeed your help !! if someone looking for a roomate or if someone have a room available during my time in Malta, contact me :)

Thanks a lot,


You may have more success advertising in the housing section, good luck.

Try Maltapark and also facebook groups, updated daily


I have the same problem. Did you find something cheaper ?

Hi ! I finally found something but you have to prepare to pay 500 bucks for four weeks :/

Good luck

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