Parking (permit) suggestions?


I hope somebody can help me with the following:

This summer I'll be abroad for 3 months and I am renting out my apartment for that period. The person renting my apartment needs a parking space, something my apartment doesn't have. The waiting list for a permit is considerably longer than the duration of her stay so that is not an option.

There is a parking garage about a 5 minute walk away but a monthly permit for that is about 300 Euro. If she were to register with the city, which is possible even if her stay is shorter than 4 months, the price would be about 140 Euro per month, so that may be an option.

But does anyone have other suggestions re parking? The location is close to Erasmuspark and Bos en Lommerplein. For example, is there any (legal) trade in parking spots?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Some owner rent their parks or garages. See on After, I don't know if you find one enough close to your location, but try. And you can find a rent for 50-100€ per month.

It's clear that Amsterdam is not a lover of cars... Alos, there is P+R in Leeuwendalersweg. Maybe is this the parking garage whose you talk ;)

Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, the P+R was the one I had in mind. I checked Funda and also Marktplaats for parkeerplaatsen but no luck. Thanks anyway

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