My French/American gf and I (British/American) live in the USA and we want to get PACSed here.
Has anybody done anything similar (i.e. get PACSed outside France)?
We're looking for any particular tips for the best way to handle this.
It seems quite a lot of paperwork is needed and want to make sure we deal with things correctly,
particularly with regard to translation of English language documents.

Perhaps we need to hire a notary in France to help us with this?

My French/German boyfriend and I are in the process of getting PACsed. You will have to get it done at your local French embassy or consulate. Best thing to do is have your French partner call the embassy and speak to them about what they need. They can give you a list. You'll have to send the papers ahead of time for them to check, and then go for the appointment. As for the translations, you can find Certified Translation places recommended by the embassy like [link moderated]. Hiring a notary in France from the US doesn't really make much sense.

My French partner emailed the embassy and got a list of required documents. We are supposed to file them all together via email. Although we got ambiguous information on having my UK birth certificate translated. The list of documents says to have it done, but the contact at the embassy said the translation wasn't necessary.

Right now we're still waiting for my certificate of non-pacsification from the French government (we requested online), and her birth certificate (also requested electronically and still not delivered to her).

And now we're PACSed! :)

We went to the embassy in DC yesterday and completed the process. The lady in charge of doing this said it was the first time she'd done a PACS - and it turned out we were also the first PACS to be done at the embassy that year (our PACS number was something like 2017000001). And it's September!

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