Getting an Asian degree.

I have been teaching in Vietnam for over a year now. I may or may not have a degree. I have a history of being surrounded by teachers, but this may or may not be my only real qualification.
My parents, both qualified teachers, are the ones who convinced me to go down this path. They are both supportive and believe that there is no reason for me not to be able to do this without a degree.

After an amount of time doing this I have come to the realization that I am more than capable of teaching on this level. I think I actually do a very good job, making up for lack of education with enthusiasm and engagement with students on a personal level. However, I do feel that my teaching could be improved greatly with a degree. It would also alleviate the guilt I feel for doing a job I may or may not be qualified to do. This moral quandary is something that has lead me to move towards aiming for a degree, although I am older now (28).

My question is what practical advice people have when it comes to gaining qualifications.
- Are there some options that I am missing?
- What type of university should I be looking for?
- Are there part-time alternatives in Asia?
- Which ones are internationally recognised?

Try an online degree from an institute in the UK or USA. Plenty about now and the bricks and mortar brigade will try very hard to rubbish their qualifications.

Online education is becoming very popular and their qualifications are now being recognised world wide.

Worth a look. Won't cost anything to investigate

Be careful of the million fakes out there.
Apart from the degree being a total waste of time, the cash is lost as no one will every be able to verify it.

Many respectable and traceable institutes of further education now offer an online option for some of their degrees. It could be the future as many students object to the high fees being charged by bricks and mortar establishments.

Well known that universities and colleges need to keep their numbers up in order to get funds from local and state departments. Therefore they sometimes offer almost worthless degrees in order to get students who will probably complete their education with a fair sized student loan.

Being in debt is not the best way to start a career but the banker are keen on it.

Like most major decisions it should be approached with caution and research usually costs nothing apart from time.

The popularity of online learning is growing and the bricks and mortar establishments are getting concerned.

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