Moving to Lodz

Hello everyone. In the summer my family and I are moving to Lodz. Apart from knowing you pronounce it "woodge" I know nothing. What areas would you recommend living in and is the British international school good? I have 2 kids who are school age. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello, If you' like to move to Łódź, you might need moving service. If you do so, please let me know, I can recommend you some solution.

Hi. I'm wondering if you get any answer about the international schools. I'm living in Belchatow, which is close to Lodz. I have 2 kids and I'm interested in the schools. If u have any info., pls share with me too.

Hello crazy Brit mum,

I am moving to lodz with my 1 year old from England too. Do let me know if get any info pls

Cheers x 😊

Hi Movingonww hope your move goes well. We will be over for a week near end July looking for accommodation. All starting to get real now!

Hi crazy Brit mum, my other half just finalised a place... all very exciting and scary . Once again, pls let me know if there anythin I need to know 😂. Hope your move goes well xx

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