where to find a silk printing screen?

hi, i'm interested in finding supplies for silk screen printing -screen, ink, squeegee etc, (small scale, by hand). Or are there any community art places i could go and use/hire such equipment? does anyone have any ideas please? Thanks.

There are a lot of silk screen print houses in Cairo, you just provide them with the films and the materials that you want to print on.

If you want to make your own silk screen requirements, so you find all the requirements and supplies in area calls El Attaba in the down town, and this is the cheapest place that you can buy from.

Also you would find the silk screen print houses also in El Attaba.

oh that's interesting! thanks, do you know if these printing places have minimum orders?

Yes usually the minimum quantities are 100 pieces, but still you can do the quantity you need even if less than 100, but you would pay the amount of 100 pieces.

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