How to make friends in Florida

Update! I've been here 2 yrs. now and joined a social club for women in Brevard County Florida. Met some lovely women. Plus took up paddle boarding and other things which makes you friends. It takes a while but now I understand the culture and feel I can assimilate better with my peers.

I have lived in the Tampa Bay area for 25 years, being from New York City where I have many righteous friends very tight , like a family, yet in my 25 years here, it's all surface with people, seems everything is a secret.  Besides, a lot of individuals are from the midwest and they really don't like northeasters that much.  It's funny how they think.... I love the area, and won't leave, If they want it surface so be it, I still have my good friends up north...

Hey I see your from nz just signed up to this wanting to meet fellow kiwis. What part are you from?

Hey there! !!
Looking for friends in Florida!!!
Just moved to Florida from Nicaragua, i hope to have new friends! !!!!

Hi I'm from Mexico and we're moving to Jacksonvillw soon, we I have lived in the Middle East for the past 3 years. It's been easy because there is a mecican and a latino comunity here. But I'm willing to meet other expats Specially  with small children and go visit all the attractions :) please write me to wendymusica.expat [@]

Are there any South Asian expat members living around Daytona Beach? I will come to live there soon. Before that I would like to meet new friends.


How has living in SWFL worked out? I'm also an American who has been living overseas (for six years, three continents) and have to move back to the US. We have a house in Estero where we were for two years... I consider it my first "expat" move because we're Midwesterners and I find Florida to be very different. In any case, I'm dreading coming back and I just don't know how I'm going to handle it after years of finding insta-friends via the international women's clubs, etc.

I'd love to hear from any international or former expat women in SWFL!


I am Jordanian and I live in Jordan . I am amazed because making friends is very easy here in Jordan why do you have such problem  :(

@ Rania Saleh
We are here talking about how to make friends in Florida not in Jordan. These members don't want to make friends in Jordan. Cities and countries are very different from each others.
You are completely  :offtopic:

I just returned to Orlando, Florida, after living in Panama City, Panama.  I have found that no matter where you live, the best way to make friends is to just do what you enjoy doing.  It is the best way to meet people who share at least one activity that you enjoy. 

If you plan to work, you will make work friends quickly.  Friendships take some time to grow.  I think the people in Orlando, FL are very friendly and open to people.  The sales clerks love to chat while ringing up purchases, so if you are friendly, they will be too.  Orlando is becoming more of an international city.  Grocery store ads are now in English and Spanish.  The sales signs on the shelf are also in Spanish.  I have been speaking German to tourists.  Disney attracts people from around the world to live here, not just visit.  People of all ages live here.  Making friends should not be a problem.

I agree.  If you're also involved in a church, that is a great way to met decent, trustworthy people.

Hi ,

I'm Isabelle and I will soon relocate to Tampa ( clearwater beach in fact)  . Interested to make some new friends around.Already spent some time over there , and in other parts of the USA.
Contrary to some of the previous messages, I find most people very very  welcoming and  accoridngly not too complicated to make new friends ;-)

Hello All
I think Tampa and Florida are fairly easy to make friends, although the atmosphere is very different in various parts of the state.
Tampa is more like midwest, Miami more international with a larger Asian/Canadian mix, but all parts are somewhat dependent on you, be friendly and do not be afraid to  start a conversation, most people will be receptive.  I would be happy reply to others similarly.
Good luck!

Their are all types of local newcomer's groups depending on the area you live in. Google newcomer's groups and lots of options will come up. Also has many groups all over the world. I have made many friends through this group.

Set up a profile and do a search with your zip code and many groups will come up, then you can focus on the particular groups that interest you and join that group. Sometimes approval by the group organizer is needed, sometimes a small annual fee is needed but usually a 30 day trial is offered.

Once you join a group you can see what events come up and sign up. It's a bit scary at first if you've never done this before but you will meet the group in a public place. I've have done this many times now and feel perfectly safe. Most groups are very friendly and welcoming as they should be, however their are exceptions. You will know if you want to continue with a group or not.

Good Luck!

Hi Marycapo this is a good news and I will try to find some Asians :)

Hey guys, how hard is it to find some girls to just go and grab a coffee or a wine with?! Anyone keen?

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