Is that possible for to postpone Labor (Primary) Court hearings

My name is shemin PM. from India presently in Jubail. I have lodged a complaint to Ministry of Labor, 9 months ago (July 2016) against my Company (Sponsor) for not providing the salary for 6 months and requesting for transfer or exit.

I am done with 3 hearings in labor court( 2 hearings in Jubail & 1 hearings in Primary court Dammam) but my sponsor failed to attend the court hearings. My iqama expired on 25th of November 2016. Now the court gave an option to visit my native after transferring the iqama to new sponsor and with re entry & asked me to continue with the case.

I am now done with the transfer and renewal of my iqama but i am suppose to visit my family in the month of ramadan.  but my next hearings is on july 10th 2017. i want to be with my family for at least 2 months as i was  jobless and  stuck here in Saudi Arabia with unpaid salaries from past 1.5 years.

i would like to know is that possible for to postpone the Primary court hearings date.

If possible please let me know where and how.

Shemin PM

Hi Shemin,
Sorry to know about your situation. How many hearings are remaining and the best idea to postpone is to approach Labor office and ask them to postpone.


Hello Ehtesham,

Thank you for the responds, As per court i need to attend 2 more hearings with at least 4 months gap in between hearings. Actually  i have a problem in speaking Arabic and if i take some one who speaks Arabic the people from Labor court does not respond properly. So i have posted this on if any one who had an experience of the same situation and can help me in this regards.


Sheminsam :

Hello Ehtesham,

Thank you for the responds, As per court i need to attend 2 more hearings with at least 4 months gap in between hearings.


You must be kidding me  :joking:

Hello Ehtesham,

i am now done with 3 hearings,  1st was on 25th August 2016 and second was on 30th august 2016 but the 3rd hearings was on March 1st 2017. my sponsor did not attend any of the court hearings. Again i got a date for 4th hearings which is on 10th July 2017. this is the date i wanted to postpone to august month.

the question is why additional hearings when sponsor is not appearing.

Next is the 4th hearings and labor court gave me a letter to submit it to police station. Police will call my sponsor to attend the next hearings . so hopefully he will attend the court next time . every time he is absent will make my case stronger.  Court is giving them some options with these many hearings .

Hi Sheminsam, I am sorry for your predicament. I do not have any experience on this, but I wish that it will end in a good way (and fast!). All the best, and I hope you will continue sharing your experience for learning. Cheers.

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