Make some friends

Hi everyone,

I've been in Toronto for a few days now and am finding it hard to meet  friends, so I though I would give this forum a go.

I'm a 22 year old French female and am looking to meet new people to hang out with, maybe go for coffee with or watch a movie and discuss our travel adventures, and maybe even start a group of us.

Serious replys only please!


Hi Aurelie, I moved to Toronto 2 yrs ago from north Ontario and have been working too much since and only made some friends from work. I would definitely like to hang out as well, I have been looking to make new friends recently.

I am 24 yrs old and come originally from Ile Maurice so I speak fluent french, and I am in love with travelling as well and like to do everyday normal stuff like movies, gym etc..

Hey Rach!
I would be very happy to m eet you too :D
We could we have a coffee or else some day ?!

well come and have short coffee chat looks cool.

hello there

Hi, How are you?

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