Learn Arabic in Casa or Eljadida?

Hello there,
I'd like to ask if there's any good language school in Casablanca or El jadida that offer Arabic lessons? Any suggestion?

Merci beaucoup.

Hi Missicy,

Perhaps you could contact the schools recommended under the Language institutions in Casablanca section of the business directory and inquire.

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Thank you so much Bhavna :)

Hello ,

Are you interesting by private lessons  , by skipe , or vidéo call with less  price then school  ?

hi THanks for your suggestion, but I wish to get a longer visa so that's why I need a school or language center.
Thanks anyways

Good luck for you , you welcome any time ;)

The French institute and the Cervantes institute both have a Darija class. I think you should give them a call because they will be more experienced with teaching a complete beginner.

Thank you so much. Chokran!

Yes, There are arabic/french schools in El jadida as i have attended one. The problem however was, the teacher didn't know english, so it was very hard to comprehend what he was teaching. My only suggestion is, whether you join school or private tutor, just make sure that he/she knows english and can explain to you in english.

hello  how  are  u doing

i do  some  searsh  about  the  good  arabic  school in this  cities that have a  correct and efficase way  of learning  new  student ,and i'll  inform u  soon with  the  steps  that  u  need  do.

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Is there a language center for darija in el jadida? Thanks

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