Room accommodations in Merida colonial, historic area

My wife and I are planning to spend a week in Merida in May. Can you suggest a locally owned place for accommodation and possibly meals with the the central, historical part of Merida?  My wife Speaks fluent Spanish, and I speak some Spanish. So we don't require English speaking hosts. We want to be in the culture.

We will be flying in to Cancun. So we are also interested in recommendations on bus lines from Cancun to Merida.

Thank you.

Hola! I just joined the forum and I guess you found your way around... ADO is the main bus operator and it takes about 4 hours from Cancún to Mérida (in case it helps to anyone else). I live here and would gladly show you and your wife some of the local culture :)

when you arrive in cancun take the public bus to downtown ADO.. Bus station.. from there you can take  a bus to Merida.  takes around 5 hrs.  there is a clean not expensive hotel in Plaza santa Lucia... hotel santa Lucia. clean room with two beds and bathroom for around 500pesos  per night.. Thursday nights there is a serenata in the square and also a bus that takes you around the city for about 10 dollars.

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