Field work

On Tuesday 25,4.2017 on our way back from Guthom, We got stucked at around 5:40pm in a bush near Thian village. (Approx 45kms from Guthom and 80 km from Yirol town). We called Nyang Ambulant to rescue us but it soon got stucked 20mins after the trial at around 9pm. We had already got stuck the first time and managed to come out some 10km after this one and within that 10kms, we narrowly missed to hit a tree as the car keeps swaying on the pathway due to slippery road.
We were rescued by a team sent by Salome and Antonio and led by Mr John Manyang who reached on Wednesday at 11:20am. With 3Armed police, 3 armed cattle keepers and one other gun with the Ambulant driver, we spent a good protected night in the swamp.
We had gone to Guthom to do our short refresher training for the HHP and as well to deliver Supplies which if we delayed by 3hours, at least 2-3 death would have occurred since they had 8 patients severely Dehydrated and thier stock of Ringers lactate had depleted.
Praise God everything went on well for those days but as of now, Guthom ORP should be closely attended to:
1) The staffs are voluntarily deciding to quit exactly after the end of April. Only one will remained.(Its not a matter of money, food as such But they want to come overland for cultivation)
2) Inaccessibility of the road. I might not risk sending any car on that road/Path again otherwise, it will get stuck and we shall wait for the dry season to extract it. (This was the first ever rain and we got stuck on a better path of the road/Path. We had already passed the worst one)
3) Cholera cases has continued to flourish from the Islands around Guthom eg atleast 30cases in since the last update on the linelist.
The details to come soon in the next hours.
We are hinting (1) Transfer of ORP TO Mading Awen near Abuyung PHCU (2) Using speed Boat from Mingkaman to keep the supplies. The speed boats are available in Guthom to be hired. we started using one yesterday for outreach in the Islands there.
For now  am rushing to Amethic (Thonabutkok phcu)  were we have created temporary yesterday an ORP centre after 10 cases and 1 death has been reported.

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