Mums living in POM - Positive stories are needed!

Hi All,
My husband will be taking up a new job in POM for 4-5yrs. We were born, raised and only ever lived in NZ. We have 2 children, one who has just turned 3 and a 7month old baby.

Even thou I have traveled to the middle east and Africa I have never lived overseas especially in a 3rd world destination with children. To be totally honest I'm terrified and wish we were not going!

There is so much negative information online about crime and extreme poverty its hard to look past that and feel that my children can have a happy healthy upbringing in POM.

Id very much love to here from other mums who may have felt similar as I do now but have settled, who have positive experiences with living in POM and most importantly have happy children.

I have noticed in pretty much every youtube video related to POM that you only see the local people, never any expats. Where do expats go during the day - apart from work. Is it safe to go to cafes, where can one go with young children etc. I understand it is a very dangerous place to live so does that mean you can not go out very much and are cooped up in a compound?

Sorry for all the questions, its been a challenge for me to see this move as a positive one. HELP!

My family (wife and 2 children, girl 7yo,& boy 4yo) have been living here for almost 2 years now. For me you don't have to worry much for the children. 1 thing i like for my children is to see how others trying to survive comparing the luxury that they have previously.It is a good lessons for them.
i just want to advice on Malaria prevention. Take good care of the children, it is really sad to see them suffer from Malaria.
Else, nothing much to be worry of... just don't be to brave and don't be to scared, beware of your surrounding.

Good luck,


we're here in Lae, i'm not a mother, but i share my empathy with u, sad to say that n ur situation, u should not decide it for urself alone, u have a husband with the kids. i believe that u've been probably discussing this plan carefully b4 making a move. Talking about raising a secure a happy family, NZ is one of the best countries in the world for this. But maybe ur husband find its good for his career to work in POM. I think it still manageable to live in POM. U'll just have to be careful ang i think u can join with expats in POM

Hi JJSmum,

I'll be relocating to Port Moresby in August/September for my husband's work. We have a 5.5 month son, and will hopefully be bringing our labrador retriever.

I've sent you a PM. Would love any advice/tips/ideas you have for the upcoming move.


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