planning to go to NY

if anyone knows how much it costs to go from jordan to NY (visa + return ticket + settling there for 3 months).
im plannin to go to NY and im a mechanical engineer but still fresh
can i find any job just to be able to survive for three months.
thank you all

The cost of living is NOT CHEAP.
Brooklyn average rent - $2,200/ month
Manhattan average rent - $2,600/ month
Queens average rent - $1,700/ month
Bronx average rent - $1,500/ month

Your best bet is to rent a room in someones apartment. These you can find on craigslist. Renting a room will cost on average $800-1600/ month.

Make sure when you do decide to move here for that 3 months, you have money saved up. Come with at least $5,000 saved.

Google can help you with your other questions about Visa cost and Plane tickets.

You finding a job depends on how much will you have. How much drive you have to put yourself out there and meet people that have connections. In NYC its all about who you know.

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