Transporting a car from UK to Vidin area

Who/how can a Honda CRV get transported safely at a reasonable price from Southern UK to Vidin area please?

There are companies that do this look on Bg eBay
Car is £550
4x4 £700-900

OK many thanks, I will give it a try


hi ,when did you reqire the car transporting  regards  carl

Anytime between now and the end August??

Well have tried repeatedly to contact one of these who have an office in London and to say they are unhelpful is rather an understatement. As a family we are looking to ship not one but THREE cars and they just do not seem to want to know. BG is this one.

With some of the ridiculas quotes were are getting it would be cheaper to buy a transporter truck with trialer and drive them over ourselves.

Yes I understand your frustration, I still haven't been able to find anyone that can do it at a realistic price. I tried the E Bay Bulgaria site but it was all in Bulgarian and I couldn't navigate it. There must be someone out there who wants to earn some money????

It's not just about earning some money it's about doing it right. Insurance etc in case of lose or damage. This is why I am looking for professional car movers not just anybody.

Hi,we had a holiday this year by car down to Montengro miles 1900, so would think its plus 500 miles into Bulgaria then plus fuel road tax/motorway costs,plus hotels,food, plus plus. It all adds up. So looking my costs in a small car £500 is a small price to pay.john

Plse plse plse if u find someone plse let me know I've been looking 4 months!!!!!

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At the mow we have NOT got a property we are just looking to buy but we need some one and find a man with a van i will let you know.

Is the car roadworthy?

If the car is roadworthy and you haven't transported them yet, contact me please, so we can discuss when and how it may be done.

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